A Social World Champs

xpd_expedition_race_cairns_02In less than a week the biggest and arguably most competitive field to tow the start line of an adventure race will take on the 2016 AR World Champs.  There will be a lot of media interest in the race with live tracking website, youtube Adventure Centre channel and other media outlets such as Sleep Monsters all serving as excellent platforms to follow the race.

In this ever increasingly networked world, another way to get the skinny on the race action is directly from the competitors themselves.  Many of the teams have dedicated facebook pages, often with supporters of the teams keeping up-to-date entries and inside information from the race during the event.

Below is a full list of those teams racing at XPD with an active facebook presence.  To make things easy, I’ve built these into an Interest List which you can follow on Facebook Here (click the follow button on the top, right hand corner, then select edit list to add it to your favourites).

1 Seagate
3 Swedish Armed Forces Adventure
4 Columbia Vidaraid
5 Estonian ACE Adventure
6 Merrell Adventure Addicts
7 GODZone Adventure – OMM
8 Adventure Medical Kits
9 Naturex
10 DSN74 – Hoka
11 Goldfish
12 Yealands
13 Painted Wolf
14 Uruguay Natural Ultra Sports
15 Tecnu Adventure Racing
16 Horizon Sport – Avallon
17 Thule Adventure Team
18 Shotz Sports Nutrition
19 Bivouac Inov8
20 R’ADYS Team Switzerland
21 Peak Adventure
22 Black Hill / OpavaNET
23 Ecuador Movistar
24 Sweco Adventure Team
25 Raid Gallaecia Fridama
26 adventurejunkie.com.au
27 Salomon-Suunto Czech AR Team
28 East Wind
29 Rapid Ascent
30 International Tiger Adventure
31 Bones
32 DART Nuun
33 PowerBar Swiss Explorers
34 Mountain Designs Tiger
35 Real Discovery
36 Dynamite – Belgravia Leisure
37 Mawson Tiger Adventure
38 CanadaAR
39 T7 Team NZ Adventure
40 Peaklife Sport
41 San Juan Aventura I
42 Tiger Adventure New Caledonia
43 Brazil
45 Juggernaut
47 Ansilta – Viento Andino
48 Outnorth Adventure Team
49 Stromlonauts
50 Neverest
51 Bear Hunt
52 Sportotal
53 Terra Aventura Blue Card
54 Scouts Tiger Adventure
55 Intrepid Tiger Adventurers
56 4050 Adventure
57 Cloud Base Nine
58 Latitude 19
59 Synergy Tiger Adventure
60 Licorice Allsorts Tiger Adv
61 Proximity AR
62 It’s all good
63 Creak Adventure 201
64 Secretos de ULLUM
65 Cameltoes
66 Spirit
67 Allsports Tiger Adventure
68 Live Adventure
69 Outward Bound Australia
70 hARd Day’s Night
71 Eye of The Tiger Adventure
72 Tiger Adventure Munch Express
73 Everyday Life Fitness/Tiger AR
74 GuReus
75 Coffee, Wine & Blood!
76 Type2Fun
77 Endurancelife Tiger Adventure
78 Sneaky Weasel Gang
79 Tri Adventure M&Ms
80 Resultz Racing
81 XTrail
82 Sportera / K-LAMP France
84 Raidaran Trangoworld
85 San Juan Aventura II
87 Adventure Racing Coromandel
88 Mont Adventure Racing
89 PNG Reunion
90 Rev3/USMES
91 JPRCA.com.au
92 BMX Bandits
94 Muppets
95 Adventure Systems
96 Tiger Adventure Mongrels
97 Brioche
98 MMD Tiger Adventure
99 Rubicon


If you know of any teams that I have missed, send the links through to rogueadventureracing@gmail.com and I’ll keep the list updated.


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